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Howard J Schroeder Post 457




G’day All:

Due to some challenging personal circumstances that the Delahunt household has recently faced I have fallen behind in communicating some Editor-related messages and updates this month. I apologize for the delay and I’m just now getting back up to speed starting with the delayed message from our immediate Past Commander Chuck Friedlein. It reads:

Membership is always an important subject for us. It is the very ‘lifeblood’ of our organization. Without getting eligible NEW MEMBERS to join we simply cannot sustain the work we do for our Veterans, their families and well as for our communities. We achieved just over our 100% goal for 2017-18 but we can’t rest on any laurels. We need to keep adding NEW MEMBERS!! For those of us who are Members, take note of a fast and easy way to renew your membership. You may renew online through our Post website which is and select “Renew Your Membership”

I attended a recent Mequon Common Council meeting and paid particular attention to matters affecting our Post, specifically as they relate to the Logemann Center site and the Gateway Project. As mentioned in previous reports, the Logemann Center demolition will not begin until the conclusion of the baseball season. I will continue to attend behind-the-scenes discussions as scheduled until completion. The Gateway Project for us is now completed. The design has been chosen and can be found in the Summer 2018 edition of MEQUON-THIENSVILLE TODAY.              

This is my last report as your Commander.The gavel has been passed to Tim Schoessow who I know will do a great job. I will still be “on the staff” in my new role as Second Vice-Commander and I’ll be around to help out as needed. In the meantime, Tim and I will continue to be getting together so I can explain the ins ‘n outs of being Commander and advise on the sort of out-of-the-ordinary things that I have dealt with so that he can better evaluate his choices of response in the future. Notwithstanding  the situation leading up to where we were when I was elected to succeed Bill Prahl as Commander, we as a Post have achieved a lot in the few short years that I’ve been a Member when I transferred in about a year before we took possession of this lovely building. We hit some stumbling blocks at first but pressed on to make some significant progress. We won the lawsuit against the former tenants of the old building. Most recently we have made ourselves known to the Common Council that we Veterans are a viable part of our Mequon-Thiensville community and that we (collectively) as Citizens and Veterans will continue making input when and as we feel it necessary to do so. Though we lost some members a few years ago for reasons we can only guess at, we rebounded to regain a 100% Membership for the fiscal year ending June 30th. In addition, we have recently received the Post Excellence Award. The Auxiliary deserves a lot of credit for without their loyal and able contributions in many fields of endeavor we simply would not have been as successful. Everyone who is a member of this Post and the Auxiliary can be proud of him- or herself for the help and contributions that each has provided to make this happen. The credit goes not to me but to all of you and I express my profound thanks to all of you for that. You’re all doing a great job. Keep it up and continue getting better as time goes forward.


Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Friedlein, Commander



This Newsletter is the first for me as Commander of Post 457. As such I send a huge THANK YOU all of our Officers and Members who stepped up to the plate to perform numerous tasks during this 2018-19 Membership Year.

I have a huge debt of GRATITUDE, in particular, to our immediate Past Commander Chuck Friedlein for all he has done for our Post, in general, and for helping and guiding me through this transition, in particular.

Thanks, also, to those of you who recently participated in a “walk-through” for our past Member

Lt. Col. Ray Koutny (USA, Ret.) who passed away just shy of his 101st Birthday.


                                                  Requiescat in Pace our Brother


Heads up!! Our Post 457 will be responsible for staffing a booth at the Ozaukee County Fair on Sunday August 5th from 2:00 – 6:00pm. We need volunteers at the Commercial Building at the Fair which is located at W67N866 Washington Avenue in Cedarburg.

Membership meetings are generally not held during the months of July and August so there is little news and/or announcements to report to all of you.

I wish all of you a healthy, safe and wonderful August. Please mark your calendars for our next Membership Meeting to be held, as it always is, on the second Wednesday of the month – September 12th at 7:00pm – at the Post. I look forward to seeing all of you there!!

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Schoessow, Commander

H: 262-242-0724

C: 414-429-0722 



1st – Phil Harrison; 2nd – Julia Keller; 3rd – Gary Smith; 4th – Mary Bersch; 5th – Sadie Marks; 6th – Bob Walerstein



There’s nothing to report hasn’t already been said in Paragraph #1 above. Happy Summer to all!!

Dave Delahunt, Editor

H: 262-241-8888

C: 414-405-7777



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